Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barcelona Pavilion

I can't stop thinking about this building.
I always get really into modern & post-modern architecture around this time of the year. Free plans, floating rooms, less walls, elimination of ornaments, strong spaces built with only the essential elements. It gives me such comfort and hope.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I think about the room
from time to time
like this morning when I walked outside and said to myself,
"What a lark, what a plunge!"
and I was in the room again with her.
It's April, you know, so I visit her more than usual.

Her body dangling like a heavy flower
her neck firmly attached to
the braided stem
waiting for the wind to blow,
an invisible pair of hands will come and take her down
the same ones that breed the lilacs out of the dead land.

They found her suicide note in her notepad
two weeks after she wore her rope burn around her neck like a
"I want to be cremated."
at first they thought it was a meaningless scribble that meant
"I want to get my make-up done."
(Korean words for cremation and make-up are spelled identically)

When I'm in the room
I usually lie on the floor and look up at her face
like how I used to, lying down on her couch with my head in her lap
while she plucked my eyebrows.
Something's wrong about this angle, with her being so high up
but I ask her a question anyways,
"Who did you last make love to?"