Tuesday, July 28, 2009

things are queer 2.

I picture myself throwing up water, the river, oh the ocean, every night I go to bed.
It helps me sleep well with good thoughts and I sing myself a lullaby.
I try to picture the lullaby Elephant singing it to me, with his ears constantly flopping in the air, and he would always sing with my mom's voice. And he gets stuck in the same part, because as a child, there was a word in the lyrics that I didn't know and I never figured out what the exact word is or what it meant.
And I picture birds and the baby lambs sleeping under a tree on a hill peacefully, but only the moon busy, leading gold and silver beads to the east.
Good night.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

things are queer.

Stick your tongue out,
with your eyes closed,
your tastebuds react,
your heart beats faster,
kiss the rain.
because it's the Cloud's tears in your mouth.

Once apon a time,
there was a cloud and a fox.
They were very much in love.
But the Fox was supposed to marry the tiger, the king of the forest.
The day finally came.
The Cloud tried to smile as much as he can, seeing the Fox, getting married to another man,
but he couldn't.
So he hid behind the sun and cried,
and that's why it sometimes rains while the sun is shining.